Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My sister's cats

Looking for a way to annoy my sister, I decided to draw her cats. At the beginning was a excuse to training digital paint technic, but painting with colored pencils I saw that could be nice let the pencil strokes appearance and give just final touches in digital medium. One thing that I liked about this drawings was try to capture the personality of each cat. They have a lot of peculiar characteristics and behaviors, but I tried to catch the properties that causes laughs in our family.

Here is the four treasures...

Pituca (the first ot my sister's four cats).

Kasparov (the most sympathetic and patthetic).

Shikaka (the freak mad cat).

Batatinha (behaves like a regular cat).

Thank you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Piracicaba 2012

August of this year I received one of most wonderful news of my career: First Prize in Caricature and Grand Award in 39th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. For a while I couldn't believe in what was happening to me, looks like too much. I even don't think that I really deserve the price, I saw so many wonderful works of so many artists that I follow and admire that some times I feel myself like a real nosy guy that luckily fell into a fantastic happening.

The best things in my life seems to happening so accidentally, every happening looks like a very fragile combination of factors that say to me: "just keep going!". My wife, for example, I met almost by accident and we are together about twelve years now. I am always trying to keep going, following this undefined sensation.

I wouldn't send the Louis Armstrong caricature to the festival, I don't know why, and I just have to say thank you to my brother Raphael and my dear Renata that encouraged me to send my work to Piracicaba this year. Renata said to me: "It's done, don't hurts send... so send it!". I did that, and was wonderful!

Was a unique experience, I was so well treated by the fellows of exhibition organization and the judges, and had the chance to personally meet a lot of artists that I am fan of. Besides that, Raphael, Renata and I had a very good time with our great friend Rafael de Latorre! I have to say thank you to my friends in Piracicaba too!

This post was in my drafts for several days, unfinished, mainly because I couldn't translate in words what this prize means. I just decided to express this feeling here, in this few empty words.

Thank you for read this blog post until here! :)
Thank you International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba! :D